The Irish Review

The Irish Review published by Cork University Press

Irish Review 44


A Land of Milk and Honey? The Representation of Migration and Diaspora in Literary Memories of the Great Famine, 1860-1885 | MAGUÉRITE CORPORAAL

Remembering and Forgetting the Famine Irish in Quebec: Genuine and False Memoirs, Communal Memory, and Migration | JASON KING

Jack in Ireland and Appalachia: The International Tale at Home and Abroad | EMILY KADER

Ar an gCoigríoch: Migration and Identity in Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Irish-Language Literature | AISLING NÍDHONNCHADHA AND MÁIRÍN NIC EOIN

A Diasporic Vernacular? The Narrativization of Identity in Second Generation Irish Memoir | TONY MURRAY

More than One Story to Tell: Exploring Twentieth-Century Migration to Northampton, England, in Memoir and Oral Narratives | LOUISE SHERIDAN

The Vanishing Irish in John McGahern’s Amongst Women | ELLEN MCWILLIAMS

‘A Map with Places Missing’: Memory, Imagination and the Migrant Autobiographer | LIAM HARTE

 ‘Stories that you have to write down are different’: Hugo Hamilton’s The Speckled People and Contemporary Autobiography | EAMONN HUGHES


JOHN BORGONOVO | Barry Flynn, Soldiers of Folly, The IRA Border Campaign 1956-1962

LINDSEY EARNER-BYRNE | Maurice Curtis, A Challenge to Democracy: Militant Catholicism in Modern Ireland

JOACHIM FISCHER | R. M. Douglas, Architects of the Resurrection: Ailtirí na hAiséirghe and the Fascist ‘New Order’ in Ireland

JOHN KENNY | Derek Hand, A History of the Irish Novel

KEVIN BARRY | Seán D. Moore, Swift, the Book, and the Irish Financial Revolution: Satire and Sovereignty in Colonial Ireland

JOEP LEERSSEN | Lesa Ní Mhunghaile (ed.) Charlotte Brooke’s Reliques of Irish Poetry

ÉADAOIN NÍ MHUIRCHEARTAIGH | Ríonach, uí Ógáin (ed.), Going to the Well for Water: The Séamus Ennis Field Diary 1942-1946

LIONEL PILKINGTON | Eamonn Jordan, Dissident Dramaturgies: Contemporary Irish Theatre


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