The Irish Review

The Irish Review published by Cork University Press

The Irish Review 53

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Biopolitical Ireland: Contents

GEORGE LEGG Introduction: Biopolitical Ireland: Text, Culture, Theory

AARON KELLY Habeas Corpora: Trauma and Event in the Law of the Postmodern

ANNE MULHALL Mind Yourself: Well-being and resilience as governmentality in contemporary Ireland

CORMAC O’BRIEN Ireland in the Age of AIDS: The Cultural Politics of Stigma

ED MADDEN AIDS and The Hunger: Fiction, Biopolitics, and the Historical Imagination

CONOR CARVILLE Murphy’s Thanatopolitics

Music and Story

SARA S. GOEK ‘Most Good Stories Are True, You Know’: History, Tradition, and Identity in a Family Story





RACHAEL BOAST on Alan Gillis, Scapegoat

RUI CARVALHO HOMEM Justin Quinn, Between Two Fires: Transnationalism & Cold War Poetry

STEPHANIE SCHWERTER on Adam Hanna, Northern Irish Poetry and Domestic Space

JAMES H. MURPHY on George O’Brien, The Irish Novel 1800-1910

ALFRED MARKEY on Paul Delaney, Seán O’Faoláin: Literature, Inheritance and the 1930s

ANDREW MURPHY on Laura Pelaschiar (ed.), Joyce/Shakespeare

EAMONN JORDAN on Charlotte McIvor and Matthew Spangler (eds), Staging Intercultural Ireland: New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives

EMMA GREY on Paula Blair, Old Borders, New Technologies: Reframing Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary Northern Ireland

JOHN-PAUL MCCARTHY on James H. Murphy, Ireland’s Czar: Gladstonian Government and the Lord Lieutenancies of the Red Earl Spencer, 1868­-86

 LISA SMYTH on Clare O’Hagan, Complex Inequality and ‘Working Mothers’



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