The Irish Review

The Irish Review published by Cork University Press

From the archives

Extracts from the archives of The Irish Review

(full electronic articles available on JStor)

Roy Foster, ‘We Are All Revisionists Now’, The Irish Review, 1 (1986)

Edna Longley, ‘Regional Variations’, The Irish Review, 2 (1987)

Seamus Heaney, ‘On Irish Expressionist Painting’, The Irish Review, 3 (1988)

Hubert Butler, ‘The Children of Drancy’, The Irish Review, 4 (1988)

Bernard Crick, ‘An Englishman Considers his Passport’, The Irish Review, 5 (1988)

Ailbhe Smyth, ‘The Floozie in the Jacuzzi’, The Irish Review, 6 (1989)

Richard Kearney, ‘Rushdie, Kundera and Wolfe’, The Irish Review, 7 (1989)

Cairns Craig, ‘Sham Bards, Sham Nation, Sham Politics’, The Irish Review, 8 (1990)

Kieran Keohane, ‘Unifying the Fragmented Imaginary of the Young Immigrant’, The Irish Review, 9 (1990)

Umberto Eco, ‘In Eco’s Labyrinth [interview]’, The Irish Review, 10 (1991)


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